Fcl Freight



The company covers the overseas agency service network of the port cities of many countries in Southeast Asia, and establishes a long term partnership with MSK, COSCO, EMC, TSL, HPL, YML, APL, OOCL, WHL, PIL, K-LINE, MCC, declining, developing, restricting, developing, exporting, etc., to provide more and more new and old customers all over the world. A safe, efficient, professional and enthusiastic omnidirectional shipping service.

Freight forwarding business

    To provide customers with agent booking, stowage, collection, customs declaration, inspection, signed bill of lading.

NVOCC business

    1. Issuing bills of lading and waybill in the identity of the carrier;

    2, organize the whole transportation of goods in the capacity of carrier, formulate transportation plan and organize implementation;

    3, the goods are accepted according to the shipper's instructions, and the contract of transportation is concluded and in the course of the delivery of the goods, the agent is engaged in booking, declaring customs, checking, tally, storing and discharging the warehouse.

    4. When the goods arrive at the port of destination, they deliver the goods to the consignee according to the instructions of the principal, and represent the customs clearance, distribution and distribution business of the port of destination.

    5. Design and implementation of transport plan under DDU/DDP trade terms.