Certificate of Honor


2016-08-03 13:22:59 8652

   WCA MEMBER(图1) 

   GLOBAL WIDE SHIPPING SERVICES became a member of the World Cargo Alliance. This also illustrates the Professional and financial capabilities of the GLOBAL WIDE SHIPPING SERVICES.

    WCA is  the World Federation of Freight Transport ( World Cargo Alliance). The Alliance will conduct rigorous professional competence and asset and financial audits of its freight forwarding members. and committed to the freight forwarding company's resources to share, so that all the world freight Forwarding company on a platform to help each other. At the same time, strict audit system to ensure that shippers and importers and exporters each time to receive high-quality, safe service. The maximum costs incurred by its member companies can be compensated for by the 50,000 .

   Members of the World Freight Transport union (WCA) are able to provide comprehensive services worldwide, including:

★ Import and Export Distribution service

★ Door to Door service

★ Port to port service

★ Global Air LCL

★ Provides direct international Air Transport Association services through all major carriers

★ Bargain for FCL


★ Bulk LCL

★ File Services (such as bank drafts and payment of letters of credit)

★ Operation of Dangerous Goods and perishable goods

★ Customs Clearance

★ Warehousing and Distribution

★ Packaging and Making boxes

★ Marine and Air Insurance

★ Innovative Logistics Solutions

★ Accept, store, and ship goods

★ Re-boxing, shrinking packaging and pallet packaging

★ Online tracking and reporting

★ Third party logistics and fourth party logistics

★ General Contracting Project Management

★ Other value-added services.

    Members of the World Freight Transport union (WCA) have the best tools in the industry, including ship Management, the world's most advanced online cargo tracking and querying system, ensuring that customers around the world have the most valuable service-while ensuring that your goods are optimally operated.