The impact of climate on Logistics in the coastal

2018-06-08 18:00:43 262

    Heavy rain or typhoons will be introduced every year during the college entrance examination, and this year is no exception. According to China weather forecast network, the next three days in the next three days from 08 to 9 days from June 8th to 08, the northern and central Guangdong, the southeast of Hunan, southwest Jiangxi and other places have heavy rain, the north central and coastal parts of Guangdong have heavy rain, local heavy rainstorm (250~300 millimeter), the above part of the region is accompanied by lightning, short time strong. Precipitation (30~50 mm, local 80 mm above) and thunderstorm strong winds and other severe convective weather.

     Extreme weather may have an impact on logistics and transportation, especially in the coastal areas of Guangdong, where tropical storm ‘艾云妮’has recently landed. It is expected that air transport will be greatly affected. Remind customers to be cautious when choosing the mode of transportation.